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The P.A.L. Junior Islanders, formerly known as the Suffolk Juniors, field 10 elite teams from Mites to Juniors. Each of these teams plays at the highest level of competition, with the goal being to develop the best student-athletes possible.

Our NCDC, 18U, 16U, and 15U  teams compete in the United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL). Here, the players will continue to develop under coaching staffs led by former professional players and coaches. The goal of our organization at this level is to advance each player into college hockey. Our staff has played a role in the development of numerous NHL and Minor Professional hockey players over the years. In 2014, three of our players were invited to take part in New York Islanders Rookie Camp and Scrimmage.

For more information on the United States Premier Hockey League, visit

For more information on our club, feel free to contact a member of the P.A.L. Junior Islanders staff so that we can further discuss the recruitment process.

Calling all Families! The PAL Jr. Islanders are seeking participants for our Billet program during the 2019-2020 season. 


Aspiring young athletes from the Northeast and beyond are in need of a "home away from home" for our upcoming season. Predominately at the Junior level, the PAL Jr. Islanders will be seeking families that are willing and able to house one or more of our players. Through our running season of late September to April, our players will be working toward continuing their hockey careers at the NCAA level and will need secure and stable housing.

Benefits of Billeting:

Billeting a player has a number of benefits to both our players and to the families who choose to participate. On average, Billet families have seen the following outcomes from their housed player:

  • Total respect of their home and of the rules of their establishment
  • A pleasant, courteous, and helpful new family member
  • A potential role model to other children in the residence
  • A $450 monthly stipend for families to cover the cost needs of each player
  • Unique experiences for our players and families alike

What Do I Need to Billet?

What is a family expected to provide as a billet? In all cases, all we ask of our prospective billet families are the following:

  • The providing of a clean, family atmosphere for the player
  • Proper nourishment for each player billeted
  • Respect for our players equal to the respect they will give
  • Guidance for our players if needed
  • Proper Communication between Billet, Billet Family, and Staff

Our staff will keep tabs on our players on numerous occasions throughout the season, to ensure standards are being kept.


What Can I Expect of My Player?


  • Common Courtesy - Players will inform billet families about all scheduling updates within the organization.
  • Players will provide their own transportation, cell phone, and other necessities.
  • Full completion of all chores and tasks as assigned by the Billet family. 

Players living with billets will be prohibited from the following behaviors per official rules of the organization:

  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Tobacco Usage
  • Drug Usage

For More Information:

We will be releasing official documentation on this forum within the coming weeks. Check back for documents that families can submit.

For more information, prospective families can contact the following:

PREMIER: Alexis DeMolina (Head Coach) -
BILLET COORDINATION: Suzanne Pitcher - (516)-987-3015
NCDC: Michael Marcou (Head Coach) -
INQUIRIES: Ron Kinnear (General Manager) -