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SINCE 1975

A Not-for-Profit Hockey Organization


 PRIDE in Athletics for Life represents the message we have been delivering to our players since 1975. Skate with the Passion which drives your desire to succeed. Treat your fellow teammates, opponents and our great game of hockey with Respect. Live your life with Integrity during all that life brings you.  Approach your life with Discipline both on and off the ice and never loose the Enthusiasm for life, sport or the desire to achieve. We welcome you to PRIDE in Athletics for Life.  P.A.L. Ice Hockey has travel teams, Recreational House Leagues, Skills Development, and USA Hockey Initiation programs.

The P.A.L. Ice Hockey travel program consists of teams at the MITE, SQUIRT, PEE WEE, BANTAM, and MIDGET levels competing at the TIER I Tournament Bound Level called the Silver Shields, and at the TIER II Tournament Bound Level called the Blue Knights. We even have a Tier III program called the Silver Knights.  

P.A.L. Ice Hockey also offers a High Level College Developmental Camp that prepares its players for the next level of hockey at the D1, D2, D3 and Junior levels. We are also very proud of our JUNIOR "B" program that has produced many successful young men and won the 2009 Junior B National Championships! 

The Rinx/P.A.L. Ice Hockey Recreational House League coordinates teams from mites through midgets and the USA HOCKEY INITIATION PROGRAM introduces over 200 young players to one of fastest growing sports in the USA and we are proud to be one of the first organizations to offer a GIRLS DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAM and GIRLS TRAVEL PROGRAM.

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